Creative and colorful ways to spruce up your front yard

Does Your Home Give You Home Sweet Home Vibes?

Is your house drab or boring? Do you want to add fun accent pieces that scream look-at-me but in a complimentary way? Don’t worry; there are tons of creative and inexpensive ways to spruce up your home’s curb appeal! When adding character to your home all you need is a little creativity and a few hours to do these projects yourself. You’re only bound by your creativity. Your home is an expression of your individuality; let it be as funky as you are! Once you redress your home you can proudly call it your home sweet home again!


Use Bright and Bold Exterior Paint Colors

Paint your front door or your patio porch a bright, fun color like yellow or azure blue. You should be able to purchase a gallon of paint from your local home improvement store for $25 a gallon.  Adding flowerpots with colorful, fun prints adds a fun twist to your front porch. Get creative and paint your own whimsical design on the flowerpot. Wal-Mart sells planters for $29.


Add Fun, Whimsical Yard Art

Do you want to add yard art without purchasing a gnome? Sears sells fun, whimsical flamingo statues, a 3-piece owl garden stake set, and a frog holding a flower LED stake set. Each item costs less than $100 a piece. Or, do love gnomes but you want to give it a fun twist? Boutique on-line stores sell them in superhero or Disney themes.


Are you obsessed with outdoor frog accent pieces? sells whimsical cast iron frog doorknockers for $20, and colorful wall art pieces for $19.


Are you looking to add a fun furniture piece to your front deck? If you’re in love with peacocks like I am, consider purchasing a peacock metal and glass wind chime, or a peacock side table for $47.


Adding a stepping stone walkway can break up the area between garden areas. You can find cute stained glass or beads at a craft store along with the stepping stone materials.


Update Overlooked Outdoor Fixtures

House numbers no longer come in the traditional black color. Try stenciling the numbers on a silver plate in a cool font. You should be able to complete this for under $25.


The mailbox is one of the most overlooked and underwhelming outdoor fixtures. Build a stone façade surrounding the mailbox post to give it some much needed style and elegance.


Do your small windows lack character? Adding wooden shutters can make your windows look bigger while breaking up a large exterior wall. Or, you can create stained glass windows for not a lot of money.


Welcome mats are very inviting and can be purchased in a variety of fun, colorful themes. Let your creativity run wild and have fun decorating your home!