Is your curb appeal attracting or detracting potential buyers?

Curb Appeal Will Either Attract Or Detract Buyers

The outside of a home is the first thing a potential buyer sees and keeping it well maintained will help attract buyers to your home. When a home is listed for sale on the Multiple Listing Service the first picture posted is from the outside showing the front of the home. You could have spent $100,000 remodeling the inside of your home but if the outside has overgrown weeds inside the gutter and flowerbed, and has chipped paint buyers will probably move onto the next home for sale. You walk in and out of your house numerous times a day but over time you don’t see all of the flaws the exterior has.


Things You Can Do That Won’t Cost You A Penny!

You can clean out the leaves and weeds growing in the gutters, trim your hedges, pick up garbage and pull the weeds from your garden or driveway for free.


Adding Fun Colors Will Help Your Home Stand Out

Adding new flowers and mulch to replace the sun-faded mulch will add a nice pop of color to the exterior of your home. A well-manicured garden and lawn accentuates a house. If you don’t have a green thumb consider buying colorful container plants.  The front porch is the focal point of your home. Paint the front door a bright color that compliments the home.


Creating A Unified Look Adds Value To Your Home

Matching the look of outdoor lights, house numbers, mailbox numbers and garage door handles will give your home a fresh, updated look without costing a lot of money. In contrast, old or dirty hardware and fixtures make your home feel dated and may detract buyers from viewing your home. Match the doorknob with the other doorknobs in your home to give it a cohesive look.


Buyers Want To Envision Themselves Living In The Home

Add new patio furniture and a colorful welcome mat so buyers can envision themselves sitting on the patio drinking a cup of coffee.


You want buyers to feel excited before they walk into your home. Your home should feel welcoming and inviting. Buyers want to envision themselves living in a well cared for home that they can call home sweet home. Hopefully it’s your home after you add curb appeal!